How iSupportCause Campaigns help Non-profits in Digital Marketing

Do you want to voice out for a cause and bring likewise minded people under one slogan? can help.

A custom campaign organizer, is a cause-based platform to get your campaign published and heard on all social networks. Nurtured with social trending features, any campaign published on iSupportCause gets unmitigated exposure on the social networks.

How It Works? allows you to create a campaign through a simple process. The campaign gets published within a few seconds of hitting “Publish”. Click Share button to let your friends know about your cause/campaign. Some of the viewers of your social media post will sign up to the campaign to support the cause. When they sign up and share it on their social media profiles, their friends will view it and sign up. The process goes on. You can see the number of supporters of your campaign on the same page.

Since iSupportCause uses referral-based or word-of-mouth technique to promote your campaign, your voice will be heard by the genuine people only. This way, iSupportCause helps you promote your cause and grow the network of its supported exponentially while ensuring that your campaign receives genuine signees only.

iSupportCause offer two campaigning modules to its users.

Free Campaign

Many people choose free campaign for their cause. However, free campaign does not offer the many customization options that are available in the premium campaign package. Free campaign is suitable for less professional and small scale campaigns and causes.

Premium Campaign

Premium campaign module offers various user-engagement and customization features. You can put the logo or banner of your organization or cause on the top, or write the mission statement in the header. You can customize the navigation bar, tabs, and other colors of your campaign as per your brand’s signature colors. You can design your campaign page according to the Facebook page of your cause. In premium module, the ads are automatically disabled. Premium campaign is suitable for professional and large scale campaigns.

Who Can Benefit from iSupportCause?

Anyone can create a campaign, who is willing to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Promote an event
  • Support a cause supports a wide range of categories for promoting your campaign, including Peace Campaign, Entertainment, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Awareness, Charity, Sports, National Days, International Days, Culture, Politics, and Other Causes.

Is It Technically Complex?

When it comes to usability, iSupportCause offers the most convenient user interface. Anyone, with basic understanding of computer and internet, can create a campaign/cause and make it viral. Publishing a cause/campaign on iSupportCause is easy.

Step #1

Create a Profile Overlay

Profile overlay or frame is a square image that overlaps the original profile picture of the supporter of a cause. Do you remember the campaign after Paris attacks? The French flag overlaid the profile picture to show that the person is standing alongside the victims of Paris attacks. The flag was a profile overlay or frame.

It is important that the background color of overlay or frame is set transparent, otherwise it will hide the original profile picture. If 100% transparency is not required, then you can also choose from 40%–50% transparency to create the profile overlay. The profile overlay can be designed on any software application. The overlay should be saved in .png format. The ideal image size is 400 x 400. A graphic designer can help create a profile overlay. You will upload the overlay image while creating the campaign.

Step #2

Sign Up to iSupportCause

You can create many campaigns with same account on iSupportCause. If you are first-time user, then make sure to sign up to iSupportCause.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login/Signup Button.
  3. Enter the details correctly and click signup.
  4. You can also login through your Facebook account.

Step #3

Create Your Campaign

  1. Go to your profile.
  2. Click on Campaigns Created
  3. Fill the details required in the form. You will be required to enter the Campaign name, description, category, overlay or frame, etc. You can activate the hashtag if you want your campaign to go viral on the social media with specific hashtags.
  4. Click on Create Campaign button.

Your campaign will be immediately published. To change any details in your campaign, go to your profile section, click on Campaigns Created, and click the Update button to make changes.

Step #4

Incorporate and Share

  1. To make any changes in the overlay or profile picture, go to Choose Overlay bar and click Generate Profile Picture. If you have signed in from your Facebook account, you can click on Use Facebook Profile Picture to incorporate overlay into your Facebook profile.
  2. To share your cause, copy the URL and paste it onto your Facebook post/status.

The publisher of a cause or campaign must follow all the steps for appropriate publishing and sharing. After completing the forth step, anyone can sign up to or share the cause, and update the profile pictures with the overlay you uploaded in the campaign.

Final Words.

iSupportCause is not only a reliable platform to publish your cause/campaign, but it is also the most user-friendly platform to start your cause. iSupportCause is determined to make campaigning easier for everyone. Start your cause today to spread it across the geographical boundaries overnight!