Campaign & Funding Options

Get Started in Less Than 5 Minutes

iSupportCause provides you a few campaign types to select from and makes it easy for you to get you up and running quickly, letting you concentrate on your social cause


Create a fundraising campaign and start collecting funds for your cause through your Stripe account.


Create a pledge campaign to gather support for your cause. Pledge supporters can help make your campaign go viral by posting to their social media.


Petitions allow you to gather signatures for your cause, which can then be shared and posted to social media by the signatories.

Profile Pic Campaigns

Profile picture overlays is a fun and viral way for your supporters to put their own picture inside of your custom-designed overlay.

Create Your Campaign In Less Than 5 Minutes

Step 1


Register through Facebook,Twitter, or email.

Step 2

Create a Campaign

Follow our simple step-by-step flow to create your campaign. No design or development skills needed.

Step 3

Social Awareness

Use our unique profile overlay feature and create awareness on social media.