Support ONAKAI as WKF & EKF Official Organisation of Ireland

Mr. Peter Coyle founded and established ONAKAI (Official National Amateur Karate Association of Ireland) Ireland's largest all style national karate organisation, established in 1978 by the coming together of the three main styles then practiced in Ireland, Shotokan, Wado and Kenpo. For the principal purpose of producing a fully representational national squad for international competition and also to coordinate, regulate and promote all karate activities within the 32 counties of Ireland. A constitution was drafted and approved which protected the interests of all Irish Karate practitioners, and which provided for the development of the highest standards in the sport and traditional art of karate. Since its establishment O.N.A.K.A.I. has been the only Irish karate body to be Recognized by the European Karate Federation (EKF) and the World Karate Federation (WKF) which is a member of the International Olympic Council (IOC). Both the EKF and WKF are the largest and longest established European and World all style Karate organisations and host the highest level of Karate competitions in the world. In 2002 O.N.A.K.A.I. was granted full recognition by the then Irish Sports Council, now Sport Ireland, as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Karate in Ireland. In 2018, O.N.A.K.A.I. was accepted as a member of the Olympic Federation of Ireland. The only official body recognized by Sport Ireland. Since 1978 representing Irish athletes best interest's on the international stage flying the Irish flag with honor and pride, fostering and developing athletes in achieving their dreams and goals to represent their country on the international stage. Recently there has been an attempted coup to try and take over Onakai by previous members, when this failed they then started up another organisation, while using Onakai as part of its title name. Onakai have nothing to do with this group and are concerned that they do not represent the best interests of Irish karate-ka and our athletes best interests. Your support is much appreciated, if you could use our logo as temporary profile picture to show your support of Onakai it would be very much appreciated . Yours in the arts ONAKAI

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