Major Electricity issues in Vasai-Virar Area - Extended suburb of Mumbai

Lets come togather to resolve the issues of Electricty, water and drainage system.

Greetings to Residents of Vasai - Virar Area. Vasai-Virar City which is called as extended suburb of Mumbai, with over 13 Lakhs population. Vasai-Virar is the 40th-largest urban agglomeration in India by population is deprived of basic necessities like proper Electricity, water and drainage system for many years. Issue of Electricity and Water have taken toll on citizens although we call ourselves as a Extended suburb of Mumbai but here we citizens are living in a very bad condition. Elected politicians nor the bureaucrats, none of them have taken this issue seriously. We have started a signature campaign so that we can request our CM's and CS office to address these issues on priority. We would also seek an appointment with our Respected CM and CS to address our issues. Out of many issues we request to give priority to the electricity issue . We the residents of this area are facing huge electricity problem for so many years now like, (1) Load shedding for 4 to 5 hours (2) Faulty meters (3) Electricity Boxes with Live dangerous cables (4) No proper MSEB offices to respond to citizens complaints (5) No proper infrastructure in MSEB offices to respond quickly to citizens(Even sometimes ladders citizens has to provide to MSEB employees). No proper safety equipment's to MSEB employees which takes lot of time to resolve citizens complaints. Other issues related to citizens: 1) No sufficient water supply 2) Need proper drainage facility with closed gutters(To avoid Mishaps like July 2018) 3) Uneven patches & bad roads. We as citizens are highlighting our 3 major issues like Electricity, water and Drainage system as of now. Hope to see vasai virar area as extended suburb of Mumbai in true sense. Please share this as we need 5000 signatures to make our issues to be heard.

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