Autism Awareness Campaign

Autistic people experience life differently from others. Autism is a predominantly genetic condition that affects how people interact and communicate with the world. It is an umbrella term for a broader spectrum of conditions that are characterized by various challenges pertaining to social skills, verbal and nonverbal communication. Autism is a global concern as it affects all ethnicities and socio-economic groups with 1 in 59 in the USA and 1 in 100 in the UK diagnosed with it. iSupportCause has been one of the leading platforms used by people across the world to raise awareness about Autism. April is world Autism awareness month and we find it important, at iSupportCause, to be part of this drive to highlight the challenges and risks faced by individuals with autism. It is a life-long battle and we are willing to play our part in ensuring more and more people are able to support and contribute in this effort. Pledge to go blue in order to increase a global understanding, helping in accepting of people with autism as part of a more inclusive society

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