Organizations Using iSupportCause

Over 700,000+ supporters have used iSupportCause to advocate for various social causes and campaigns. Thousands of non-profit, NGOs and corporate organizations are using iSupportCause daily to launch new campaigns, gather supporters, and raise awareness.

How it works?

1. Login or Register

Login with Facebook, Twitter or Email.

2. Create a Campaign

Fill out a simple form and launch your campaign immediately.

3. Create a cause-based Profile Picture

Add your .PNG overlay on profile picture

4. Make it viral

Market your campaign through social media & gather supporters.

Here's How Premium Makes
Your Campaign More Successful

  • Use branding your audience is familiar with to increase trust and engagement.
  • Link to your organization's donation page or other external page for additional ways to support your cause.
  • Keep your supporters focused on your cause by removing advertisements.
  • Link your social accounts to increase your followers.
  • Provide additional images and mission statements to further explain your cause.