What is iSupportCause Premium Campaign? How it works?

iSupportCause Premium Campaigns:

Premium campaigns offers various user-engagement and customization features. You can put the logo or banner of your organization or cause on the top, or write the mission statement in the header. You can customize the navigation bar, add custom branding, banner image, manifesto or mission of organization or campaign, brand colors of your campaign as per your brand’s signature colors. You can design your campaign page of your cause. In premium module, the ads are automatically disabled. Premium campaign is suitable for professional and large scale campaigns.


Who Can Benefit from iSupportCause Premium Campaigns?

Anyone can create a campaign, who is willing to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Promote an event
  • Support a cause
  • Branding of your NGO or Non-profit organization
  • Reach more targeted supporters for social causes
  • Advocating about Social Causes (e.g Cancer Awareness, Autism Acceptance, Mental Health Awareness, Animal Rights Campaign, Human Rights, Women Empowerment, National & International Days)




Examples of Branded Premium Campaigns used by Organizations:





How iSupportCause helps Non-profits in Social Causes & Digital Marketing


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