iSupportCause Introduction

iSupportCause is viral marketing platform for social causes, Event Marketing, NGOs, Non-profit organizations.

international organizations including United Nations Development Program (UNDP), American Cancer Society, US-Embassy, and other international organizations to raise awareness and make their campaigns viral on social media.

You can create your campaign on iSupportCause for Free. It takes less than 2 minutes to create a campaign on iSupportCause by adding campaign name, and Profile Frame.  it will create a microsite for your organization or event in addition to viral marketing tool and supporters count.

Example of few campaigns:


You can also upgrade to Premium Campaign for below extra features:

•    Branding of campaign/organization
•    Add top banner on campaign for branding of your organization/campaign.
•    Add website, Facebook page, Twitter links of your organization to increase followers/supporters
•    Add mission, description or manifesto of organization/event on top of campaign page
•    Remove Ads
•    Customize theme color of campaign to brand color of organization

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